Your fixed fee real estate agency in Luxembourg

VAT for an apartment

VAT for a house

Commission payable only in the case of success

Your new real estate agency combining the best of both worlds

the traditional through human contacts, with their knowledge of the field

digital using the latest technological

To optimize the experience of selling and buying real estate as well or even better than a classic agency but much cheaper.

Your Advantages :


Fixed agency commissions, regardless of the value of your apartment or house


We sell your property at the best price, taking care of everything, like traditional agencies


We have developed solutions that save you time and energy…and us too!


We are true partners, and we do everything we can to facilitate the sale of your property and reduce the usual challenges associated with a sale

A fixed commission, but how is it possible?

The answer is very simple: the work of the real estate agent when selling a property does not depend on the value of this property.
Why then make our customers pay more when our work is the same?

A lower commission means more money in your pocket and/or a better selling price:

On average 48,000 EUR saved on the sale of a house*

On average 18,000 EUR saved on the sale of an apartment**

*The median price of a house in Luxembourg City amounts to 2,107,937 euros in the first quarter of 2022.

**The median price of an apartment in Luxembourg City amounts to 937,224 euros in the first quarter of 2022.

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500 000 € - 5 000 000 €

  • Costs of a classic agency 3%

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Reduced price does not mean REDUCED SERVICE! Easymmo.lu offers you complete support during all stages of the sale. All of our advisers are EXPERTS WHO manage all phases of your project, from the VALUATION to the signing of the CONTRACT.

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