We take full responsibility for the sale of your property.

Here are the different steps that will lead to a successful sale, as smooth as possible and at the fairest price.


You submit your file by clicking on the sell tab. This step will already allow you to take stock of your property, by gathering all the information and documents that will be essential in any case for the sale.


We organize an appointment on site with our real estate expert in order to clearly define your project and make an accurate estimate of your property. This first interview will last approximately 1 hour and is non-binding for you.


Once the price and the sales strategy have been defined, we sign an exclusive sales mandate, which authorizes us to take charge of the sale of your property .


We first organize a second meeting in your property during which we will use the latest technologies available to enhance your home afterwards. Using professional photographic equipment, we will take high quality photos, we will develop a virtual tour of your property and draw up precise plans.


Once the photos have been treated, we create the most relevant ad possible, which we distribute on Athome.lu, as well as to our network of buyers. During this step, we can, at your request, decide on a confidential ad, where the photos of your property and its precise location will not be published .


This step is essential for us and will make the difference compared to other agencies: we consider that there is nothing more unpleasant for a seller than having to tidy up his property at each visit when he lives there and see simply curious visitors pass by. We will therefore make the best choice between potential buyers and we will ensure that they are serious. We suggest making the first visit virtually with the online presence of one of our salespeople. It is only after potential buyers have confirmed their interest and their seriousness that physical visits will be organized in your property. In general, we manage to combine these visits as much as possible to limit the inconvenience. You will of course be informed in real time of the different stages of this process,


We negotiate with buyers and help you select the best offer. We validate their solvency and the solidity of their financing.


We prepare the sales agreement, paying attention to all the particular elements of your sale and organize the signature between the parties.


We contact your notary (we can recommend one to you) and communicate all the elements of the file so that the deed of sale is signed as soon as possible.


We support you until the signing of the NOTARIAL ACT, which validates the official sale of your property. It is only then that the notary pays us our fixed fees .

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