General conditions of use of the site:

By consulting this Website, the user of the Website accepts all of the articles and notices described below. Given that these articles and notices are likely to be modified, the user of the Website is invited to consult them regularly.

Use of the Website:

The purpose of the Website is to present easymmo.lu, its services and its products, but also to present the real estate objects for sale. All information, texts and figures are published for information only.

Real estate ads :

Concerning the real estate advertisements published on the site, the texts, descriptions and photos are the property of easymmo.lu. The user of the site is not authorized to exploit on his behalf the texts and photos of the real estate advertisements. The photos of the real estate advertisements are a work protected by copyright and are the property of easymmo.lu.

Some real estate advertisements may no longer be available when the user of the site consults them, for reasons of updating time. easymmo.lu therefore does not guarantee the availability of the advertisements presented on the Website.

The user of the Website is not authorized to copy real estate advertisements to publish them on another medium, whether paper or electronic, or on another website.

Copyright and intellectual property :

The presentation and content of the Website, including, but not limited to, the name and logos of easymmo.lu, texts, images, photos and/or videos, trade names, databases, products and slogans, together or separately constitute a work protected by copyright and belong to easymmo.lu

Limitation of Liability :

easymmo.lu makes every effort to ensure that the information displayed on the Website is accurate, however there may be errors in content or display on the Website. In this context, easymmo.lu excludes any guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the information displayed on the Website.

In the event of a link displayed by the Website to another website, whatever it may be, easymmo.lu rejects all responsibility for the content of this third-party website, which is the responsibility of the person responsible for the third-party website.

Legal framework :

The Website is subject to the Luxembourg legislation in force and comes under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Luxembourg courts.

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